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I have a very limited pool of champions that I know how to play… The only ones that I’m a bit better at playing are Viktor, Viktor, Leona and Viktor. But it turned out that I may be good at playing Warwick as well, so I got interested in what he might have looked like before his transformation.
He seemed like he was a bit higher in the rankings of Zaunite nobility, but certainly a slime of a man.

Contrast and colour practice

Here’s Silent Surduk! What do you think?

Random sketch

Taichi and WarGreymon

I still can’t believe that there’s going to be a sequel to the original Digimon Adventure!
This is just the beginning!
I will make an illustration for each of the original eight chosen children, and Taichi and his WarGreymon are first in line! This is one of my tributes to them.

Hamsters on the Moon

Another sketch of the winged lion

Here you go! The curious lion, and his name is Lenard.
Yes. Lenard. You’ll see why.

When you’re drawing and there’s an imaginary lion watching.

Summer holiday